Caliber Cleaning, Inc.

We are the one to call for your construction clean up needs

Vast Experience

Whether you just had a home renovation or built a new house from the ground up, Caliber Cleaning, Inc. is the one to call for your construction clean up needs. With years of cleaning under our belt and vast experience in construction cleanings, you won't be disappointed when you call on us for that final clean sweep before occupying your newly built/remodeled space.

Done Right

Anyone who has ever gone through a construction experience before knows how quickly the fine dust can spread and how many surfaces it can cover. From the fine dust film that settles on windows and in their tracks, to the cracks and crevices in cabinets and drawers, you want someone with experience who will get it done right the first time around.


We know that it's not always possible to set a hard finish date for Construction. When you're dealing with multiple vendors in one house sometimes appointments get rescheduled, materials aren't ready, etc. You need a cleaning company that can be flexible to last minute changes and still be able to service your cleaning needs. We have a flexible staff to ensure we can be "Your Secret Weapon to a Clean Space!"

What We Offer

For a free estimate call today; we would be happy to come visit your site or provide you an estimate over the phone.

  • Firm Quote
  • On-Time with an experienced crew
  • Expertise in New Construction cleaning.